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New Product News!

Hello Angels,

July's already shaping up to be a busy month here at Nail Angel as we plan filming our next batch of videos.  Thank you to everyone who has suggested the videos they would like to see, we will try to cover as many of these topics as we can over the next couple of weeks.

As you may already know NSI will be launching some exciting new additions to the Attraction powders range and in the next couple of weeks we will be working with Denise Wright to produce some videos in time for their launch. 

Here's a preview of the new Attraction powders that will be available...

The Masquerade Collection

Masque your clients' nail beds for elongated beautiful pink and white enhancements.

The Competition Collection

This collection of acrylic powders allows you to give your clients competition quality nails every day.


Fear not gel users you won't be left out, there are also some new Balance gels on their way in August too I'll post you a preview as soon as I have them!



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You are going to love these guys, I’ve been working with them for a few days now fantastic clarity! Can’t wait to do a photo shoot with them xxx

By Gemma Lambert on 08th July 2012

Hope you dont mind me saying but have you guys ever considered making a DVD compilation of tutorials or introducing your own distance learning courses?
I know I would be first looking to buy them! I love Gemmas videos, they are so interesting and informative.
Thanks a mil
Orlaith K x

By orlaith13 on 14th July 2012

Thank you xxx

By Gemma Lambert on 25th July 2012

That would be a fantastic idea!

By The worx on 30th August 2012

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Double the wear of your manicure with SpaRitual's NEW Gold Flexible System!

NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NSI's No1 Glaze 'n' Go new formula curable under LED lamp!

Secrets Autumn Nails

Secrets Autumn Nails

Secrets Autumn Nails

Gemma Lambert creates beautiful stiletto nails using the NSI Secrets range.