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Behind the scenes

Hi Angels,

I thought I'd start a little behind the scenes blog to give you a bit of a glimpse of what goes on when we have a photo/video shoot with Gemma Lambert and to give you a sneak peek of what we have been working on.

Back in January myself and Gemma came up with two pages of theme's we wanted to cover in our shoots and after penciling in the dates for the shoots we wanted to do Gemma went away to think how she could incorporate these themes into her nail designs.  As a photographer it's great to work with people who put so much passion and creativity into what they do as it really shows through in the final shots and I know that when the date of the shoot arrives Gemma will come into the studio fully prepared with fantastic nail designs and props for the shoot.  Our team is completed by Adam Lambert who creates the stunning hair make-up that you see in the pictures.  We've worked on a few shoots together for Nail Angel and I always look forward to working with them as it's guaranteed to be fun and creative and although we plan the theme's of our shoots I don't know until the day of the shoot what the nails will be like or what props Gemma will bring with her so it's always exciting to see how she has interprated the theme.

Our most recent shoot on Wednesday (16th June) is one that I've been wanting to do for a while as it's a theme that is going to pan out over the next few shoots.  The main feature for this shoot was chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

I'm sorry to keep you in suspense but I'm not going to reveal what the theme is just yet but maybe you'll be able to work out what it is as the series progresses but here's a couple of pictures from the shoot including a sneaky look at the final nails...

Gemma Lambert Nail Angel Photoshoot

Gemma with our model for the day Abby Jay Barton.


A preview of the final shot.


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Fabulous work ladies, What great jobs you both have!  I’m guessing that the wrappers are real Cadbury ones, They look amazing!!!! Dee Xx

By Dee's Nails on 22nd June 2012

Thank you Dee, it’s amazing to work with Gemma and Adam smile yes they are real Cadbury and Roses wrappers I think the Creme Egg nail is my favourite xx

By NicolaJ NailAngel on 24th June 2012

I have so got to see this done as a tutorial - cant wait! smile x x x

By Theresa on 27th June 2012

I cant wait either smile

By Winnie on 27th June 2012

Love them gemma xxx they look amazing xx

By Nicky77 on 03rd July 2012

looking great! x

By ruthlm on 03rd July 2012

Thanks guys , was a great shoot bit messy at times as my mum made us a great big chocolate cake, we had Adam on the floor tying to catch all the chocolate falling off, it was a great laugh xxxx

By Gemma Lambert on 04th July 2012

Can’t wait to see the vidoe for these nails, they are stunning xx

By Sally on 05th July 2012

I was covered in so much cake that day.  Oh it was so much fun :D

By Adam Lambert on 25th July 2012

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