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Nail Angel | In Darlington/Richmond and need help
In Darlington/Richmond and need help
Posted: 27 April 2015 11:58 AM   [ Ignore ]
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hello all, I am currently doing an essential nails course and am ready to send my nails in for assessment as I have sent photos in and have been told they are at a good standard for marking! Essential nails acrylic course is a home course that you work on a nail trainer hand, it’s all going really well but as the nail trainer hand isn’t reAl when I di a real hand my nails are only lasting on a client for a week before falling off!! I have changed from salon services acric and powder to nsi primer acrylic and powder and have prepped the nail using a nail file and things are looking much better! But the thing with learning at home is I’m not qualified to use a electric nail file so I’m taking up to 1 hours 45 mins for s full set of acrylics plus I have no teL salon experience, or face to face training for tips ect, I have also just qualified as a creative lash technician using cluster individual and marvel lash exstensions but still feel unconfident as no salon experience!! I would love to train using electric file and have some hands on experience!!