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Nail Angel | Forum User Guide
Forum User Guide
Posted: 22 March 2012 05:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello and welcome to the new Nail Angel forum, the nail industry’s top virtual space for nail technicians to discuss technique, share pictures, ask for advice, chat and have fun!

Here’s a few guidelines on how to get started with your new account and forum profile at Nail Angel.

Edit your profile: When you’re logged into the Nail Angel website, you’ll instantly have access to the online forum. All you have to do is click on ‘Forum’ and then ‘Edit profile’, where you can update your location, occupation, interests and bio so other users can get to know you better. 

We strongly recommend that users complete their Bio information in their Forum Profile to help our moderators and members know a bit more about your background in the industry and to help us answer your questions.  You’ll also find you get more responses to your questions. 

Tell us what systems you are using, what you are trained in, what qualifications do you already hold or what course are you enrolled in.

Add a profile picture: You can add a profile picture, or in other words, an avatar, to your Nail Angel profile. An avatar is simply a personal profile picture which is uploaded to your profile. It could be an image of yourself or your own nail art design. To update your avatar, click ‘Edit avatar’ in the ‘Personal settings’ section and then choose and upload your image- but make sure you check the forum rules on images- don’t upload anything that’ll make us blush!

Personalise your posts: You can set your own custom signature to appear on all your forum posts. So if you know a quote which inspires you or describes your character, write it in your signature box by clicking on ‘Edit signature’ in the ‘Personal settings’ section of your profile and it will appear below your post every time you write in the forum.

Say hello: Write a post to introduce yourself to everyone in the forum. We are a friendly forum so say hello and let us welcome you to Nail Angel.

Add buddies: Connect yourself with fellow nail technicians. If you already know someone in the Nail Angel forum, if you’d like to connect with fellow students or if you’d just like to make some new friends, and them to your ‘Buddy list’ so you can keep in close contact with each other. Simply click on ‘Account/orders’ on the Homepage, then click ‘Buddies’ on the left hand side and then click on the ‘Add buddies’ tab.

Private message other site members: Ask another member for advice or simply have a private chit-chat together. Just click on ‘Compose new message’ in the ‘Private messages’ section down the left hand side. Type in the user’s screen name to contact them.

Change your username and password: Secure your account by amending your personal details. Just click on ‘Username and password’ in the ‘Personal settings’ section of your profile.

Take notes: You never know when you might need to write something down, so we’ve given you your own personal notepad in the ‘Extras’ section of your forum profile menu. Simply scroll down to ‘Notepad’ in the ‘Extras’ section and scribble away!

Localisation and edit preferences: To select your time-zone and manage your general settings, click on ‘Localisation’ and ‘Edit preferences’ when you’re in the ‘Edit profile’ section of the forum.


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