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Response To the Media by Alex Fox Read More

Thought this may be an interesting read for you Angels! Was written in response to the media's portrayal of Nail Salons & Bars. Let us know what you think! smiley

By Alex Fox
editor of Scratch magazine, the UK’s No.1 magazine for nail professionals

A response to recent allegations…

Sign the Petition to ban MMA Acrylics Read More

There has been a new petition put forward to the Government to ban the use of MMA for acrylic nail extensions. As many of you already know, there are so many dangers of using this chemical for nail extensions; the natural nail can be permanently damaged, and lungs can become seriously damaged because of the intake of dangerous fumes & dust particles. So we…

Become a SpaRitual Home Consultant Read More

Become a SpaRitual Home Consultant!
Flexilble & unstructured job perfect for you...Freedom to earn!
Please read below for more information on becoming a SpaRitual Home Consultant!

One of the key ingredients to becoming a successful, profitable SpaRitual Consultant is to build a customer base using different techniques such as personal contact,…


The Nail Angel Team are pleased to announce that we have added a new video to our collection!

The newest video features award winning Nail Artist; Gemma Lambert showing us maintenance techniques.

The video includes a detailed work-through of how to use both a manual file and an E-File. 

We have kept the video as simple as possible to ensure that…

Scratch Offer Read More

Claim your Misa offer as featured in this months Scratch Magazine

If you are unable to click the above image.  Click here to claim your free sample

Please note: samples are strictly 1 per person.


NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NEW LED Glaze 'n' Go

NSI's No1 Glaze 'n' Go new formula curable under LED lamp!

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Double the wear of your manicure with SpaRitual's NEW Gold Flexible System!

Secrets Autumn Nails

Secrets Autumn Nails

Secrets Autumn Nails

Gemma Lambert creates beautiful stiletto nails using the NSI Secrets range.