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Acrylic and Gel Myths View More

Acrylic and Gel Myths

Some of these myths can be damaging to our industry, so it is important to take any advantage to educate clients about the products you put on their nails.

Controlling Odours in the Salon View More

Controlling Odours in the Salon

At the close of 2008 NSI USA polled nail technicians from across the world and asked them what their clients' biggest complaints were. Over 350 people responded to our survey and odour in the nail salon was mentioned pretty much across the

Healthy You, Healthy Salon View More

Healthy You, Healthy Salon

We know how important it is to take care of our health. If we get sick, we miss work and miss income. It drains our pocketbook when we have to pay for medicine and doctor's visits. Nothing new there.

Keeping You and Your Clients Safe View More

Keeping You and Your Clients Safe

I recently read an article where a nail salon in the Baltimore area was using an electric unit to warm Acetone. A woman who was having her enhancements removed to have a fresh new applied got severely burned on her

NSI Survey View More

NSI Survey

NSI USA recently did an online survey of about 400 nail technicians around the world. They use a variety of different nail products. Here are some of the questions that we asked, and the answers were fairly consistent across the board.

Know Your Limits View More

Know Your Limits

Overexposure to acrylic liquid can cause: rashes, blisters, itching, skin irritation, lifting, allergic reactions and loose of clients.

Pregnancy and Enhancements View More

Pregnancy and Enhancements

Have you ever been asked, "Is it safe to wear nail enhancements while pregnant?" Probably. It is a difficult question to answer because you are addressing the health of someone's unborn child. I did some research on the topic

To Drill or Not To Drill View More

To Drill or Not To Drill

Advice for salon owners, technicians and therapists on how to control odours in the salon and righting some common Acrylic and Gel myths.

Swine Flu View More

Swine Flu

The last few months have seen rising reports about the dangers of swine flu. The beauty, nails and holistic industry means that you are in close contact with the general public at all times. So, how can you protect yourself

The UV Light Scare View More

The UV Light Scare

I’ve had several people contact me in regard to an article that was recently written referring to the potential dangers of Ultra Violet Nail Lamps causing skin cancer.

UV Light and Cancer View More

UV Light and Cancer

The nail industry received some negative press when an article was written regarding the safety of UV nail lamps in the salon.

Client Aftercare Advice Guide View More

Client Aftercare Advice Guide

Give your clients the best advice when it comes to looking after their new enhancements with these simple aftercare steps.

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Gold Flexible System

Double the wear of your manicure with SpaRitual's NEW Gold Flexible System!

Secrets Removable Gel System

Secrets Removable Gel System

Secrets Removable Gel System

A new system of soak off gels that capture the ease, use and qualities of both acrylic and regular hard gels allowing you to build, sculpt, overlay and soak off!

EasySoak Nail Bath

EasySoak Nail Bath

EasySoak Nail Bath

Offer a more professional service to your clients and speed-up your removal times. The EasySoak Nail Bath provides a more comfortable solution to regular soaking methods.