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Choosing The Right Course

Whether you have decided to take the next step and join the beauty industry, want to pursue a hobby or even just want to improve your exisiting skills, it is essential that you take the best course for your individual needs.

With the large variety of courses that are available it can sometimes be difficult to find the right course for you. Before rushing in and booking the first course that you see take the time to look around, you will be investing your time and money into this so do your research. Take some time to write down what you are looking for in terms of skills and what goals you are hoping to achieve; this should make it slightly easier when looking though the different course types and content.

Factors that you will need to take into consideration when choosing where to take your course include:

How long do you wish to study for?
Full time, part time or a fast track course?

Place of learning
Are you going to learn at a college, an independent training centre, home learning, internet based training or perhaps an apprenticeship scheme?

How far are you willing to travel?
If the course you want is not available in your local area, are you prepared to travel? Deciding on which areas you are able to study in will narrow your course search.

Places of Study
During recent years, joining the beauty industry has become more and more popular, therefore the amount of educational programmes  available has increased.

College Courses: Colleges offer courses in both nails and beauty, but can sometimes combine both subjects into a long term course. The majority of colleges offer these courses over full time (usually Monday - Friday) or part time (can range from a few days a week to one evening a week) and can last for a few weeks to a couple of years. They give you all the basic knowledge and willl be spilt into units that will focus more in-depth on areas such as anatomy, physiology and a broader range of content instead of focusing on a particular section. The products used during your college training may not be limited to one brand, leaving your options open to find your own products once training has finished and to continue your education through product based education programmes. The amount of students on college courses can be larger than Independant Training courses so can limit the amount of one to one time and help from your tutor.

Independent Training Centres: Training Centres usually offer a more fast track approach to teaching. The courses offered will usually be 1-5 day courses involving practical and theoretical units covering everything that you will need to know relating to your chosen course. You may find that these courses are product based, using a particular brand whilst teaching you and showing you specifically the way in which to use that particular brand system. This can be an advantage if you plan to carry on using that product in the future, but it may also be a disadvantage as your skills and knowledge will be specific only to that product brand. Independent Training Centres offer a wider and more varied range of courses. These can include advanced workshops and master classes, giving you more option to progress your skills and abilites in the future. Classes are generally smaller sized and are more intense than college courses. Tutors that teach also generally have more salon experience than college tutors.


Need Help Choosing The Right Course?
If you are still unsure about which course is best for you and your specific requirements you can speak to your nearest educator for free help and advice. Click here to find your nearest educator


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