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Nail Courses

Here is a list of the different nail courses that are available.

Foundation Courses

Foundation Nail Courses
Foundation Courses are designed to provide a platform upon which the amateur can develop their skills. The course is carefully constructed to give you the right mix of both practical skills and knowledge which will enable you to progress in your career as a nail professional. The course is split into 2, two day sessions with a fifth day for your practical assessment.

The course covers different areas such as health and safety, nail anatomy, nail diseases/disorders, tip application, sculpting techniques, product application, filing and finishing techniques, maintenance procedures, removal, nail biters, repairs and salon know how.

No experience is necessary to take the foundation course as it is designed for total beginners to get you started in the nail industry and will give you the base knowledge required. Once you have qualified, have some salon experience and are confident enough with your technique you can progress your skills further with a workshop, electric filing course or perhaps a nail art course.

Workshop Courses

Workshops are designed to show you how to get the best out of your products, troubleshoot common problems and offer you help and advice. They can range from gel, acrylic and sculpting in gel/acrylic.

The course can cover preparation, benefits of your system (acrylic or gel), tip application, infill/backfill, filing techniques, product removal, apex and 'C' curves, perfecting smile lines, form application and how to reduce time.

At least 6 months minimum experience is required. The course will act as a refresher course with the chance to for the technician to touch up on areas of uncertainty. It will help technician to progress with their skills and to reduce the time taken to produce a set of enhancements. The course can be helpful for technicians that have taken time out of the industry and wish to recap on their existing skills and become up to date.

Gel To Acrylic

Gel To Acrylic
This is a two day course for experienced gel users who want to learn acrylic liquid and powder skills. The course will enable the technician to have practical liquid and powder skills in sculpting and tipping.

The content covered includes liquid and powder ratio, product application, sculpting/form fitting, tip application, filing and finishing, maintenance procedures, repairs and enhancement removal.

Technicians must have at least 6 months gel experience to attend this course, and must have a Foundation equivalent qualification as health and safety and anatomy is not covered in this course and you will need to have a knowledge of enhancements.

Gel Toes

Gel Toes Course
Permanent French, Permanent Colour Gel and Nail Art are not just for fingernails, more and more salons are introducing these quick treatments for toes - and their clients love them. The course is designed to show the correct application technique of gels to the toe nails giving clients a chip proof, water proof, permanent polish look that lasts for up to 6 weeks.

The content covered during the course includes health and safety, contra-indications, equipment required, nail preparation, gel application, maintenance, removal, repairing broken/damaged nails and business building.

No experience is required as full training will be provided to get you started with this great service add-on.

Swarovski Crystal Toes

Swarovski Toes Course
This short course will enable you to add the final touches to your pedicure services and create amazing designs including crystal toes.    

Cheer up your client by offering them service with a sparkle!

The content covered will include Introduction & Benefits, Health & Safety, Nail diseases and disorders, Contra-indications to the
treatment, Client consultation, Preparation & general practice.

No experience required. Salon wear must be worn. To ensure maximum practice, students will be required to work on each other
throughout the day. 

Conversion Course

Conversion Course
Conversion courses are provided by companies that have product based training, and are used to become familiar with their brand.  The short course shows how the company's system works and gives technicians the chance to sample and experiment with the system with an opportunity to ask for help and advice and to explore the numerous advantages of the system range.

The course will cover the brands product range, nail preparation, product ratio, product pick-up and product placement.

This is ideal for technicians that would like to see what other product brands are offering with no obligation to buy the products. It helps nail technicians that have changed over to the brand to adjust to the products and ratios along with the best way to prep the nail.

Electric Filing

Electric Filing Course
This is a one day course that is designed to teach the safe and efficient use of an electric filing machine. Electric files can add up to the overall professionalism of your service, and help reduce the strain on hands, arms and shoulders.

The course covers health and safety, how the electric file works, safe filing techniques, the 'Back-fill' and Electric file maintenance.

It is designed for both the inexperienced electric file user and for the experienced technician who wishes to improve existing electric filing techniques. Technicians must have a Foundation equivalent qualification and at least 3 months working experience.

Nail Art Courses

Nail Art Courses
Nail art designs are becoming more and more popular and are an opportunity for you to provide an additional profitable service to your clients. Courses are split into a basic course and an advanced course. The basic course serves as an introduction and provides sufficient skills and knowledge to start offering the service. The advanced course is designed for experienced technicians and shows how to incorporate dried flowers, crushed shells and various other products, and how to create numerous effects.

The course content covers health and safety, client consultation, Contra-indications, equipment and brushes, preparation, nail painting and aftercare.

The basic course requires no experience and it serves as an introduction to nail art. The advanced course is for experienced technicians as it goes more in-depth and shows how to incorporate nail art into gel/acrylic enhancements.


Manicure Course
Manicure is one of the most widely practiced beauty rituals; and is the basic foundation for every nail technician. The manicure course will help you learn the variety of skills and techniques needed to confidently offer this nail service to your clients. The course is focused on the natural nail, hand and lower forearm anatomy and physiology for a comprehensive understanding of the manicure process.

The content covered is health and safety, the structure of the nail, client consultation, contra-indications, nail diseases and disorders and polish techniques.

No previous experience is required for the manicure course as it will cover all the basic skills that a nail technician will need when performing this ritual.


Pedicure Course
Pedicure course will give you techniques and skills for you to offer this luxurious treatment to your clients and shows you the correct nail care of the feet. During the course you will cover the entire pedicure procedure and you will focus on the natural nail, foot, lower leg anatomy and physiology for a comprehensive understanding of the pedicure process.

The course covers health and safety, the structure of the natural nail, client consultation, contra-indications, nail diseases/disorders and polish techniques.

The course does not require any previous experience as students will learn all they need to know to offer this service confidently.

Master Class

Master Class
The Master Class course is an advanced course designed for experienced nail technicians who are looking to improve skill and produce competition standard nails. The course covers all aspects of the product application and finishing techniques required for competition. Available to nail technicians who are happy with their salon nail skills but now want to push boundaries and compete with confidence.

The course covers deep smile lines, crisp definition between pink and white, finishing to perfection, what the judges look for, C curves and apexes, disappearing tips/perfectly placed forms.

Anyone who wishes to take the Master Class must have a minimum of 2 years experience and have a high standard of skill.