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Fitting a Form

We’ll give you some tricks to fitting your form using Platinum Nail Forms.  Platinum Nail Forms have a sculpting grid that allows for design and length consistency from nail to nail.

  • 1. Step 1

    Nails are not one-size-fits-all. Don’t be afraid to pre-tailor your form, if needed. Cut the center hole to match the shape and curve of your client’s free edge line with a small pair of curved scissors.

  • 2. Step 2

    If you prefer sculpting on a more rigid surface, then simply apply the center piece to the underside of the form so that the sticky sides face each other. This will help you create a deeper “C”.

  • 3. Step 3

    Before applying the form to your client’s finger, try rolling your “C” curve into place. Approach the nail with your curved form and place it under the free edge of the nail. Place the bottom tabs together in the front and back evenly and then squeeze the bottom tabs tight. Squeeze the top of the nail form along your client’s finger as well so you create a very tight fit.

  • 4.

    Some things to look for:
    • Is the form straight?
    • Is it tight to eliminate seepage?
    • Are you happy with your “C” curve?

    If you are dissatisfied with any of the above mentioned, pull off the form and try again. A properly fitted form is the foundation for a beautiful enhancement.